Why SEM?

In Sweden, more than 40 million searches are made on Google each day. SEM can be a very effective way to get a lot of traffic fast and reach people with ads when they are actively looking for a product like yours.


Service Basic Business Pro
Keyword analysis & Strategy img img img
Campaign structure img img img
Ads 25 keywords 50 keywords 100 keywords
Personal contact img img img
Goals & Bid adjustments img img img
Reports Basic Medium Advanced
Competitor analysis 1 competitor 3 competitors

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All our SEM-services include:


Keyword analysis & Strategy

We provide branch specific keyword analysis and a strategy for how you want to reach potential customers. We also prove a method for choosing who you want to target.


Campaign structure

Based on the strategy we will create a campaign structure. We will map out where income and expenses are and where the high-quality traffic will be coming from.



We make ads that get the right traffic to your website. Because of the fact that you pay per click, this is important. Making these ads are a long-term process where we optimize over time.


Personal contact

You get a personal contact person that is connected to your account. You contact person can answer all your questions and it is also he/she that will be the person in charge of your account.


Goals & Bid adjustments

We will set up goals and tracking for those goals on your website. We will also optimize your bidding process to make sure that you get the most out of the money that you are spending.



We will provide you with reports based on the goals and budget that we have set up. The report will provide you with necessary data to get an overview of the progress that is being made.

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