Why social media?

Regardless if you want to promote your social media and brand or if you want to sell more products this is a service for you. We can help you choose the right social channels for your brand and help you reach new target groups.


Services Basic Business Pro
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Design & Copy 5 ads with 2 variations 10 ads with 3 variations 20 ads with 3 variations
Reports Basic Medium Advanced
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All our packages include:

Social media advertising analysis

Analysis & SWOT

We will start by analyzing how far you have come in your social media process. After that we will perform a SWOT-analysis to give us a good understanding of your current position.

Social media advertising goals

Goals & Target group

Goals and target group will be decided based on previous analysis and what your business needs to succeed in the future. We will make sure to make choices based on what we now from experince and not guess.

Social media advertising strategy

Strategy & Channels

We will, based on goals and target group, create the most effective strategy for you. We will also look at the best channels to implement this strategy.

Social media advertising KPIs


We will create specific KPI:s for the previously set up goals. In this way we can easily see which goals that are being achieved and which goals needs more optimization work.

Social media advertising design and copy

Design & Copy

We will create design and copy for the ads, both which will be based on conversion models. We always create more than one version of the same ad to test out different conversion hypothesis.

Social media advertising report


We will provide you with reports based on the goals and budget that we have set up. The report will provide you with necessary data to get an overview of the progress that is being made.

Social media advertising personal contact

Personal contact

You get a personal contact person that is connected to your account. You contact person can answer all your questions and it is also he/she that will be the person in charge of your account.

Social media advertising optimization


A very important part of digital marketing is to plan for optimization. Therefore, we analyze data and with an agile build, measure and learn method over time.

Social media advertising trends

Trend spotting

To be as effective as we can be, we will always look out for the latest trends. This will be shown in our work and by giving you updates on valuable information.

Reach new target groups today!

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